Get to know us

time and tide aerial

Beach drone photography from a whole new angle

Because ocean love comes from the heart

Hello, I’m Victoria. 

The photographer behind the Time & Tide Aerial beach drone photography project.

Time & Tide Aerial is here to capture the coast in a new light for salty dreamers—like me, and like you—via artistic ocean photography. 

I’m a self-taught drone photographer with absolutely no photography training. My artistic ocean photography career was born out of my pure passion for capturing moments between moments of my connection to coastlines. 

My speciality is beach drone photography and my favourite place to be is in the sky—looking down from a 90-degree angle... There’s just no rush like seeing the beauty of the coastlines from a birds-eye view! 

Approximately only 5% of drone photographers are female, and so, I’m proud to wave the flag for women on the scene. 

I’m here to show you what the world looks like from the sky. 

There’s always beauty in a new perspective.

About our modern abstract wall art

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and here, it’s all about capturing abstract shapes and unusual ocean photography prints. 

We’ve all seen seascape photos before, so why not shake it up a little? The sea is powerful and three-dimensional, let’s get that on canvas. 

Intrigue, serenity, and nostalgia.

Time & Tide Areal is here to show you seascape aerial prints in an utterly new dimension. 

Here, we’re guided by currents - not trends.

Flowin’ with it

Beach drone photography: The process

Not all paths lead to the same destination. Just how we like it. 

When I get up close and personal with the sea, my process is distinct. In order to achieve modern abstract wall art, I assess and examine the beach. 

How are the tides moving? Where are they breaking? And what are the formations?

Reading the water is paramount to the final beach wall art outcome.

Silently, I observe the scene and focus on striking elements. Patterns, colours, and textures are integral here. Focusing on these aspects ensures all of the beach drone photography is different—and most importantly, alive.

Why beach drone photography?

Simply put, why not?

Drone photography gives you that extra breathing space to see Mother Earth from a new angle. 

Most beach wall art these days is at a 45-degree angle. We like this, but our true passion is formulating abstract seascapes with a 90-degree view. This allows us to play with contrast, patterns, and shapes. Sometimes, at a first glance, you can’t see the coastline, instead, just nature in all its abstract and metaphysical beauty—*aaah*.

A new outlook and an escape from the mundane. 

Smell the salt water and feel the crisp breeze. Time & Tide Aerial beach wall art completes the puzzle. 

Catch you by the shore.